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The Men, Women,
& People of PxN

In the upcoming issues for PxN Papers, we will provide greater insight into our staffing infrastructure, so everyone present & future interested in the PxN ecosystem & network will have a better appreciation for the men, women, and people responsible for and involved in making Phantom Network a web3 dream come true.

Behind the name, the Discord, the Twitter account, the product we’re developing, and the PxN Papers are a fleet of highly ambitious & greatly talented, real people hard at work around the clock to build what PxN had set out to do from the get-go.

In this issue, we’ll lift the veil on our elusive Tech Team, the silent coders bringing our vision to life. Without their dedication and passion, we won’t be able to achieve what we set out to do. An ode to our comrades-in-arms, we salute you.

We hope that, with a better understanding of what Project PxN is about, what goes into PxN’s overall operations, and the hardworking team that put their sweat, tears, and time into this project, we will grow PxN in size, strength, & bond and attract the people out there in web3 who resonate or believe in our cause to enter our ecosystem and see this to success alongside us.

If you’ve made it all the way here to PxN Papers Issue 5, we greatly thank you for your readership, time, and support thus far. Please continue with this community in leading the next de-generation.

Un-Redacting Our Tech Team

PXN’s core tech team comprises front-end, back-end, infrastructure, and blockchain developers. Front-end developers manage our sleek UI/UX development and processes, while the back-end developers construct and implement the logic to connect our platform’s interface to the databases.

Our infrastructure developers set up the architecture to manage information within the network, and the blockchain developers code the smart contracts for features and utilities on our platform.

A task-oriented, completion-focused team, they go above and beyond in our journey to create a game-changing web3 platform catering to the masses. The primary inspiration and motivation that drive the Tech Team is the vision of being pioneers that will revolutionize the web3 space.

A Semi-Redacted Interview With the Developers

Ghost Reporter: A mysterious team of programmers who operate in secrecy, we now have the unprecedented opportunity to learn more about our developers. Let's welcome them!

The Devs: Hello. Let's get to the questions now, shall we? Our code is calling out to us.

Ghost Reporter: So what is the team working on right now?

The Devs: [REDACTED] for the most part. We're working on the $PXN token side of things. That much we can share.

Ghost Reporter: I guess we need a higher clearance level to know the classified information.

The Devs: Yes, unfortunately. We can tell you, but we'll have to silence you.

Ghost Reporter: *Cold sweats* Erm... What’s a typical work day like?

The Devs: Code. Eat. Meetings. Code. Sleep. Code. Repeat. We do touch grass, sometimes.

Ghost Reporter: Just as I imagined! Perhaps you can share how the team works together?

The Devs: We have three core teams, the front-end, back-end, and blockchain. Each team has an area of focus to tackle, but we still cohesively huddle to overcome roadblocks that may surface. We have a common goal: to release a web3 platform with useful features and utilities that we can be proud of.

Ghost Reporter: Admirable! Any last things you would like to share?

The Devs: Thanks for having us. Have to go code. Bye! [Disconnects]

Ghost Reporter: There you have it, our Tech Team, ever busy working on getting our platform ready!

Updates on the Network

Tech Terminal

Here are some updates from the tech team’s desk last week.

Backend Team B worked on decoupling the login system. Decoupling is an important process that makes code easier to understand and maintain. It also increases reliability and performance for the platform.

Specifically, they were working on more efficient ways to query the Ghost NFTs’ contract to determine if a user holds a Ghost or not and which ones.

  • Frontend Team A and Backend Team B continued to revamp the chat application. They worked on improving the Settings Sidebar, and the Settings Profile UI responsivity. Additionally, they refactored the code on Settings UI and added a Notification and Voice Settings page.
  • Frontend Team A also reworked the markdown renderer, which appears when you right-click on the chat application. Backend Team B constructed an architectural diagram for the voice and chat server rewrite. They subsequently started work on building the voice server.
  • After meeting and interviewing various sneaker and apparel suppliers, we garnered feedback on areas that can be improved and features to include in our next iteration.
  • Our Blockchain team was fully engaged in building out an ETH bridge for our subnet. We researched and evaluated different technologies to use that could improve security, including Open Zeppelin’s defender.

Pineapple Lounge

Welcome to the Pineapple Lounge! This week, we’re featuring another outer district hero, AllfatherLoki! Loki purchased a Ghost from X2Y2 and was notified that it was stolen. Loki spent the following days tracking down the original owner to return the Ghost.

The Resistance has been keeping tabs on criminals who have exploited several Ghost recruits' identification cards. Loki purchased an identification card that was flagged by the system and sought to return it to the rightful owner.

For Loki’s altruistic gesture in returning the stolen ID card, the Resistance would like to award him with the Good Samaritan medal! Thank you, Loki!


“If any of my assets were stolen and I was down bad, it’d be wonderful if someone returned it to me, so I figured I’d try and be the change I wanted to see in the NFT space. Identity theft is not a joke!”



Community Updates

What better way to build bonds than to run community events?! As always, Baerinz and Jane had their weekly streams, handing out whitelists in various games. Fuyu, our VC queen, was back with her antics in her voice chat event.

Rodney and Wonderhands hosted a Mental Health session to spread the need for balanced emotional well-being while Gainz gave his views on the market and what to look out for to ride out the bear unscathed.

We hope to unite our community as we journey together to revolutionize web3!


Current Monthly


Developers 39.48%

Community Staff 16.02%

Art Staff 5.02%

Sundry Costs 2.32%

Media Staff 13.01%

Operations Staff 9.29%

Sales and Marketing Staff 10.22%

Network & Infrastructure 4.64%

Developers 39.48%

Community Staff 16.02%

Art Staff 5.02%

Sundry Costs 2.32%

Media Staff 13.01%

Operations Staff 9.29%

Sales and Marketing
Staff 10.22%

Network & Infrastructure 4.64%


Finance Updates

Staff costs make up a combined 93% of our current monthly expenditure. While tech start-ups traditionally have high staff costs, this would normally make up 66% of the monthly variable costs.

The past 3 years have rapidly sped up globalisation and the mobility of labour, and the post-COVID world has ushered in a new breed of businesses like PxN which are able to do away with expenses relating to the running of physical office spaces.

These office related expenses can run up very quickly, apart from the obvious rent and utilities, there are many ancillary costs such as insurance, stationery, kitchen consumables, and parking.

We are also able to capitalise on secure cloud hosting services to eliminate traditional server set up and running costs.

DaddyGainz’s Market Matters

Hey everyone! Recently, we saw US and China conflicts, non-farm payroll jobs data, and lower unemployment rates. Let’s dive into what they might mean to the markets.

Let's first take a look into the US and China conflict. Nancy Pelosi, a US politician and the Speaker of the House, visited Taiwan even though the Chinese government warned that it would cause tensions. Historically speaking, political tensions don't always have a long-lasting effect on the markets unless those conflicts lead to war.

Taiwan is one of the largest semiconductor manufacturers in the world, controlling well over 50% of the global market. Semiconductors are substances from rare earth metals that are used in all computers and electronics, namely the chips within these devices. China relies heavily on Taiwan’s semiconductor imports for its technological production lines.


This conflict could result in a global shortage of semiconductors which will impact many sectors negatively. For example, when chip shortages put automakers’ production lines to a temporary standstill, resulting in fewer new vehicles entering the market, that in turn drove up values in the used car market.

This shortage played a part in the inflationary prices we see today within the automobile industry. If something similar happens again, it may have continuing effects on technological markets and negative effects on the global economy.

On Friday, 5th of August, we saw the non-farm payroll jobs data come in over twice as high as expected. This means fewer people are unemployed. Sounds good, right? Well, it could send mixed signals as it shows strength in jobs, but it also proclaims that the economy isn't slowing as much as the FED had intended to achieve with their current policies.

This, in turn, signals to the FED that they can continue increasing rates aggressively. In my opinion, the possibility of seeing yet another 75bps rate hike in September is highly likely. We will be seeing more CPI data on Wednesday, the 10th of August, which many are expecting to see lower inflation numbers as oil prices have a major impact on the data. Recently, oil prices have been decreasing due to lesser utilization. In theory, lower CPI data would be a small catalyst for more upward momentum in the markets.

Another matter to note is the Senate passing a bill that could reduce inflation. The Inflation Reduction Act aims to lower some healthcare costs and provide a large amount of grant funding toward renewable energies to help bring energy costs down in the future.

Daddy's Two Cents:

The crypto market continues to trade in a key zone of support and resistance, with some volatility as the markets are still uncertain in which direction they want to head. Black Rock, the world's largest asset manager with over $10 trillion under management, recently partnered with Coinbase, which many see as a long-term bullish signal.

Ethereum’s last Testnet merge is set to take place soon, and if successful, the official Mainnet merge should be on track for mid-September. Looking forward, we will continue to watch all the helpful data and relevant news that give the markets a more specific direction to head in.

I hope to bring you more updates next week, and don’t forget to tune in to my weekly live sessions in the PxN discord to further discuss the markets. Till next time, NFA, DYOR, and may the Gainz forever be in your favor.

Who is Gainz?

I grew up with a family that owned a Country Club, and I got my first taste of what goes into running a business from working in the kitchen. I’d say I’ve had an entrepreneurial mindset from a young age. I took a liking to economics in high school, where I watched the 2008 financial crisis first-hand (leading up to it, during it, and seeing the aftermath into recovery).

I attended University and graduated with a Science degree in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics & Commerce (Economics). I began trading traditional markets after high school and learned some lessons quickly - and that is, I had a lot more to learn.

Fast forward a few years, I finally invested in Crypto in late 2016 and more in 2017. Learning Technical Analysis (TA) through my journey and applying it to the things I learned in school, I knew it was something I wanted to perfect. After experiencing the cyclical swings from bull to bear, I’ve learned so much and just wanted to share it with anyone interested.

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