Welcome to the Phantom Network

GM & GN,

And welcome to PxN Papers.

This is a Phantom Network (PxN) publication that will cover all things PxN, web3 & NFTs. We aim to provide a communication line between PxN and the web3 community at-large: holdership & beyond.

To our past & present holders: thank you for everything so far. Thank you for believing in us in any capacity, at any point within our time in the NFT space, and for supporting however much or little you were able to, for as long as you have. It is thanks to you that we are in a position to build and work towards this web3 future that all of us want to see become a reality, and for that: we are tremendously grateful.

It's been a little over 9 weeks since mint, and if you're reading this, that means you've stayed through the major shift in direction of the space and market. That also means that you, in some way, really have faith in web3.

Well, we do, too.

The Future of Web3

We believe the future success of NFTs, cryptocurrency, and any blockchain-backed tech rely on providing the world with fun, impactful, easy-to-use, and beneficial day-to-day use-cases for these technologies.

Everything web3 related currently struggles with mainstream adoption due to deficiencies in the things above, and as long as they do, there will always be a ceiling for how well they perform.

Digital entities suffer from one mutual crisis: all things digital are, by identity, intangible. However, there are degrees to tangibility. Digital entities can circumvent intangibility by having uses that ground them in the real world.

For example: 35 years ago, if we asked someone to imagine a place where they could go, from within their home, and be able to find all of the information on any given topic, at will, in an instant, that would be “virtually impossible” for anyone to imagine.

People are used to driving and sometimes flying to libraries and archives of books & files around the world, to read, in order to find answers or at-the-least know someone that knows and have to phone them to get answers to questions.

But the moment that first person gets to ask any question or search any topic and answers & information come back: Concept becomes Real (browsers & search engines).

Something becomes real if you can see it, feel it, taste it, smell it, or hear it, but it also becomes real

…if you can use it.

Be a Tangible Brand

What will move web3 forward is the development of technologies using the blockchain that people worldwide will find useful and impactful enough to adopt and use in their daily lives.

Bitcoin became tangible not when it was proposed. It grew its tangibility in accordance with rising use cases; e.g. as it becomes more exchangeable/usable in transactions.

The understanding of the above is what PxN's about, so allow us to re-invite you to take a look at what PxN is.

The Phantom Network, known at times as Project PxN, or PxN is an Initial NFT Offering (INO)-crowdfunded web3 tech initiative turned web3 tech company, building a brand-driven tech product.

We're a tech company that loves & understands branding and its importance, just like Alphabet (Google), Tesla, Apple, Twitter, and so on do.

We're a growing tech company with a unique brand identity, and we aim to build a strong web3-based tech product with an identifiable name & aesthetic that will fuel our company and products' recognisability.

But that's not the extent of it.

What Exactly is Project Pxn?

Project PxN is half about tech, half about network: that's you.

In the name of web3, PxN is people-backed (anyone will be able to use PxN), and we're building a next generation product with next degeneration (dgen-er-rā-shun) focused supporters & product testers. Together, we're going to create a product that we all want to use: one inherently web3, useful, and comes from people in the space.

Ghosts are our NFT holders: users who will have access to specific token-gated project utilities; however, the “Network” is everyone.

All of us here now - whether investor, trader, enthusiast, artist, developer, community manager, moderator, marketer, advisor, founder, or team member of any kind - we're the people here early; it's up to us to build web3.

If you believe in web3,

then you're already

…part of the Network ;)


In a Nutshell, What is PxN?

  • Platform with features and utility built for Web3
  • Native token: $PXN
  • $PXN Usage: Access to tools and services in the PxN platform
  • Bonus: Whitebox for Ghost holders containing randomized items

What's Available Now in Phase 1?

  • 10k NFT collection known as Ghosts
  • Access to the token-gated PxN platform with features for Chat and the Greymarket

How to Spend $PXN Tokens?

  • Subscribe to platform tools and services
  • Purchase NFT cosmetics upgrade
  • Listing and transaction fees for services
  • Purchase items off the Greymarket

What's to Come in Phase 1?

  • Ghosts generate daily $PXN tokens
  • Whiteboxes with randomized loot
  • Regiment system to distribute community $PXN tokens
  • NFT Customisation marketplace
  • Phantom Network Information System (PxNIS) - Information and advertising space
  • Recruitment Application Terminal (R.A.T.) - Recruitment board

An Introduction

The Pineapple Lounge

Welcome to the Pineapple Lounge! This is a fun little corner where Pineapple and Plortis share highlights from community members and post their thoughts and commentary.


Dex and the Network

dex-meme.png"The modern Internet is built on networks. The fundamentals are and always have been connections between real people. web3 is no different." - Dex, CDO of PxN

Ger, an Outer District Hero


Our community feature this week: Gerxnft, an Outer District Hero. During a rather tumultuous week in the Inner City, Ger has been uniting Ghosts in the Outer District and providing our Network with Outer District Banners featuring their Ghost NFTs. Ger states, “I’m actually a software engineer but I love graphic arts at the same time. I'm doing those banners and posters for PxN to help with community engagement.” We want to highlight our appreciation for this contributor to The Resistance. Ger, thank you. Oh and word has it in the district, Ger’s doing commissions.

An Introduction

DaddyGainz’s Market Matters


Welcome to DaddyGainz’s Market Matters. In this edition, we will have a brief introduction to the NFT and crypto space as a whole, and I’ll be bringing you some of my sentiments on the current market. Do bear in mind that everything written here is NOT financial advice and you should always do your own research. Disclaimer: Prices and percentages shown were at the time of writing.

So let’s kick things off.

Everyone who has dabbled in NFTs should have some basic knowledge on what cryptocurrencies are.

So what are NFTs?

For those of you who have PxN as your first ever NFT, here’s a quick introduction. NFTs aka Non Fungible Tokens, are essentially unique digital assets accompanied by a unique set of verifiable data which provides the digital rights of your ownership of the artwork. They are being used as a platform for artists and developers to have more control over their own work and can be in any form of digital art. They can be tied to real world benefits and utility as well.

We’ve heard the term ‘Web3’ and ‘Metaverse' being thrown around like a ragdoll, so what is it? The term Web3 is basically describing the next stage of the internet which hosts decentralized apps that run on blockchain technology and focuses on the user’s data privacy. Whereas for the term metaverse, it can be described as augmented and virtual reality, outside of the real world, with endless possibilities for users to connect and experience different realities.

What is going on in the space right now?

At current levels, the total market cap is in the $850 billion range, around a 72% decrease from its recent peak of $3 trillion in November 2021. As of the most recent crypto cycle, it seems the traditional markets and crypto markets are now somewhat correlated. As crypto is deemed a risk-on asset due to its high volatility, during times of crisis and uncertainty, investors prefer hopping off the blockchain and diving into risk-off assets such as gold or bonds to name a few.

Many tend to leave markets and projects when they are down, often referred to as capitulation, but at the same time it creates an opportunity for new investors to enter the space and old investors to accumulate at lower levels that over time, historically speaking, have proven favorable and profitable.

Referencing previous lows in the market during the bear market proves to be the best time to explore potential projects to invest in. Stick around or enter the space, you may be pleasantly surprised with where it takes you in your journey towards personal financial freedom, not to mention the knowledge you gain and connections you acquire in times like this.

Daddy’s two-cents:

Crypto was intended to be a hedge against inflation but due to the current macro climate, that hasn't proved to be accurate. I do think the correlation can eventually break but that may be increasingly difficult with how many brokerage firms and financial institutions have found their way into the space by providing ETFs & 401k investments into Bitcoin. As always, NFA DYOR and ILY guys. Until next week!

Updates on the Network

Tech Terminal

  • This week, our frontend team worked on improving the general performance and scalability of our app. An area that was greatly improved would be the performance when profile and inbox modals are opened.
  • We added loading skeletons and NFT selectors to our chat application so when messages and images are loading, they look sleek and provide a better indication if items are loading.
  • We have addressed most of the bugs that holders experienced, such as creating a refresh button for the NFT Selector so that the most up-to-date metadata is shown, as well as other minor bugs that were in the chat application.
  • Our backend team were developing and debugging voice chat features for channel-wide calls and friend-to-friend calls.
  • Our blockchain team has been testing and enhancing our Layer 2 (L2) private chain and our token bridge in terms of performance and security. They also outlined the flow for R.A.T to be fully on-chain so freelancers and recruiters could have a truly trustless and decentralized contract.