Exclusive Interview with MINHxDYNASTY

Welcome back for yet another exclusive interview by your Ghost Reporter. I have with me MINHxDYNASTY, recently indoctrinated into the Resistance as a storyteller. Read on to see what I’ve managed to pry out of him in our little Interrogation Room!

Born and raised in San Francisco, Minh went to college in Ohio, after which he relocated to Los Angeles. Growing up, he was a jack of all trades but a master of none. Scrawny (Not anymore after those hot, sweaty gym sessions) and never excelling in anything, Minh was an average B+ student who dabbled in basketball and music. He got into music just to secure a scholarship but never truly loved the craft. He eventually graduated with an economics degree and went on to work in a vodka company.
I was really just an average joe trying to make things work in this game of life. I started noticing the potential of social media when a friend in my previous job had over 2 million followers but didn’t have any idea how to monetize his account. Back then, I swore that I would never be an influencer because I was afraid to be on camera, and people would only know me by my face, not my story.
Everything changed for Minh when Covid hit. He started doing TikTok videos with his girlfriend for fun while also being heavily involved with gaming, specifically Call of Duty, as it brought him back to his high school days. Minh absolutely loved and smashed it.

With the encouragement from his girlfriend to do something with the hours that he had been spending on the game, he told himself that he had four months to go viral as a gaming content creator on TikTok (which was going to get banned in the US in those four months) and make a sustainable living off of it. Slowly, he started branching out to cooking, lifestyle, and self-improvement videos as Covid retracted.

Ghost Reporter: Wow! That’s a journey to really look back on. You’ve really come this far not only as a content creator but also as a person. So how did you start video editing, and why do you enjoy it so much?

Minh: Editing is one of the most essential parts of content creation. I’ve always had a passion for storytelling. Growing up with social media, we often have people we look up to and see what makes a good video, be it content or edits.

I found a couple of creators that I really liked whose videos resonated with me. I brought these videos into a video editing software and tried to improve them in a way that appealed the most to me.


Everything I do in content creation has been self-taught, and I analyzed segments down to milliseconds. My biggest influences were Deadpool and Ratatouille.

Ghost Reporter: How did you get into the web3 space, and what are your experiences so far?

Minh: I started investing mainly in Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and many other altcoins in 2017. I was a Litecoin maxi, yes, don’t judge me. I was initially so focused on my job in the vodka company that cryptocurrencies didn’t really appeal to me aside from the financial aspect of it. I got into NFTs because, one day, my cousin asked if I had any knowledge of it or if I had bought any. At this point, I felt that it would be wise to be open-minded about cryptocurrencies and the technologies surrounding them.

While scrolling through TikTok one day, I saw an advertisement that Stephen Curry had launched his own NFT. I was a huge basketball fan, so it immediately caught my attention. I minted the NFT for 1 Eth and sold it for 2. The adrenaline rush from this quick profit got me more interested in NFTs. In between streaming content for TikTok, I was constantly scrolling through Opensea, and I started looking at more collections. Azuki caught my eye, and I bought a few, mingled around with the community in Discord, and got to know some of them really well.

The worst and best experience I’ve had in web3 was not knowing my seed phrase and losing over USD 200,000 worth of NFTs and ETH.

Minh had logged out of Coinbase wallet without knowing his seed phrase, and Coinbase could not help without it. He lost everything and was heartbroken. A few weeks later, his girlfriend gifted her Azuki to him, which he decided to sell to get another at the floor price. To save money on gas, Minh went ahead with a private deal and was scammed.

Losing USD 250,000 in a couple of weeks, Minh was in disbelief and felt a huge sense of betrayal. He remembered breaking down and his girlfriend, Jess coming over to comfort him, saying everything would be alright. (Huge shoutout to Jess, Minh says he loves you very much.)

On the day he lost the Azuki, Jess and another TikTok creator pooled 10 Eth to get Minh an Azuki. He eventually flipped his way back to 75 Eth and managed to pay off his girlfriend and the TikTok creator, who’s now one of his dearest friends.

Ghost Reporter: What a comeback story Minh! Scammers are everywhere; we're glad you managed to pick yourself up and keep going after such an awful experience. I’m now curious as to how you came onboard PxN?

Minh: I'm going to keep it real here. I've had my initial assumptions and reservations about PxN. In my honest opinion, they had the best pre-mint marketing, yet I saw it as nothing more than a trade, nothing mid to long term. I didn't look at PxN again after. By some coincidence, I had friends working in PxN, and one of them reached out to me, asking if I would like to work for them. I was hesitant, and my reputation was at stake as I didn't want to align myself with brands that I didn't believe in, but IF I believed in what they were building, I would give nothing but my 100%.


Before agreeing to anything, I wanted to speak to the founders to have a feel of what it would be like working with them. A supposedly thirty-minute conversation turned into two hours where I got to know more about the vision and the team. I believed in what PxN is building and what I could offer would benefit the team as well.

PxN is the first web3 brand I’m a part of, and I wanted it to be a project that I resonated strongly with. After being on the team for the past week and a half, it has been the best experience so far. I know a little bit more about what we’re working on in the backend, and I can’t say I'm not excited about the future. I’ll leave you guys with one sentence, look at how good pre-mint marketing was. That’s how promising the future will be too.

Ghost Reporter: Ghost Reporter: You got us fired up with the passion and drive that you have there. How would you describe yourself and your content?

Minh: How I portray myself, that's who I am. Fun fact: I used to make gaming videos every day. A few friends and I tried to do a custom game and had a goal to raise one million dollars in the game for goodwill purposes. I used those clips and made a video named 'Top 3 financial tips that you don't learn in school'. I honestly thought it would flop as I had a different target audience. What surprised me was that it was well received, and there were so many positive comments. Through this video, I came up with my catchphrase, 'Let's win this game called life.

To Minh, living life to the fullest with positivity is a mental thing. It starts on a physiological level, figuring out how you want to start the day. You may have 101 things to do, but you can control how to start your day. Figure out what you have to do, get a dopamine boost by doing something that interests you, and do something nice for yourself, be it taking a jog, drinking a cup of coffee, or even taking a shower. Take that positive feedback loop and start the day feeling good about yourself.

To end off, here are Minh's top 3 tips for someone looking to pursue social media to express themselves.

Be consistent. Have fun. Know that it's possible.

You can follow and reach out to Minh at @minhxdynasty across various social media platforms.