The Intricacies of Building

Ghost Reporter: Welcome to another interview by your friendly reporter. I am pleased to have the team at the forefront of our product development with me. GM team!

3Ps: Good morning. A pleasure to be here. Feel free to shoot your questions!

Ghost Reporter: Perfect, let's get to it. Can you share about your roles at PxN?

Doops: Hi guys! I’m Doops, and I have been in the Nano community since December 2021. I then got involved with the PxN community and sub-communities such as The Vandals and eventually got hired as a Product Manager.

I work closely with the founders, marketing team, and business developers as the voice of our users to help develop the product roadmap. I also envisage the long-term use cases for our product and the value it would bring to the users.

My experience at Amazon web services (Marketplace), Facebook's advertising (B2C), and running a business consultancy company equipped me with the right blend of skills in my role as a Product Manager.

Ghost Reporter: Wow, that's an impressive resume. Who wants to go next?

Moodi: Hey everyone, Moodi here. Before joining PxN, I was with Riceday, working on development and managing socials. That’s when I met Rei and Pants. Currently, a final year college student at Georgia Tech and a degen at heart, my primary role at PxN is as a Product Owner, where I find and set the requirements for our upcoming products.

Once the team develops the product features, I’d ensure it meets the requirements of what it was meant to do and how it should function. For example, I worked with the front-end team on the design, and we developed the wireframe and detailed how it works. For the smart contracts, I ensure that they function correctly and to the requirements.

Ghost Reporter: You sure are a right fit for the next Degeneration team! On to the next gentleman.

JXOctave: Hey guys! You can call me JX or Octave. Before joining PxN, I started a company dealing with P2E games, connecting gamers with investors. In web2, I was an air traffic controller where I directed and controlled aircraft for transit. I know a Nano developer, got wind of an opening, applied for it and the rest, as they say, is history.

I have a background in tech and have been looking for ways to get back into the industry, hence my decision to join PxN. My role here is as a Project Manager. I deal with timelines and task scheduling. I ensure the team delivers within the planned time frame and with the proper scope of deliverables. Some would call me 'the one with the whip.’


Ghost Reporter: We all need a whipping some days! Now that we are all introduced, how do the three of you work together?

3Ps: In a nutshell, Doops develops the product roadmap with our founders, and Moodi then breaks down the product development into actionable steps, scoping out what needs to be done before handing the specifications over to JXOctave, who then drives the development team to create the desired product.

Ghost Reporter: Just like a well-oiled machine! So, what are you currently developing, and what is the most exciting thing you are looking forward to?

3Ps: The Greymarket! We’ll get into more details as it’s something that sets us apart from other projects. We're taking a step-by-step approach to the development to create this marketplace that allows for peer-to-peer, trustless transactions. It is a core feature of the network that will facilitate other product development down the road. We're also working behind the scenes to figure out ways to maximize value for the users.

Another feature that we're excited about would be R.A.T, our job board. One of the main issues plaguing web3 is finding the right staff. This is usually due to the lack of job transparency and the need to network with the right people to land a job.

We want to fill this gap by connecting hirers and applicants so job seekers have a comprehensive view of what they are applying for and what hirers are expecting. As for the main PxN terminal, chat capabilities are meant to complement the other core features. We’re not trying to replace Discord. We are building a web3 super-app that provides features relevant to the needs of web3 users.

Ghost Reporter: There will be some bad actors on the Greymarket, like on other marketplaces. How will PxN play a part in facilitating the selling of physical items with security and anonymity in mind?

3Ps: We are still actively seeking the middle ground on what will be best for our users. We have thought about how to work around the system by using user reviews, KYC, and other ways to minimize bad actors and increase trust between people. We advise keeping a lookout for the quantity and quality of reviews as well as the reputation of the seller before making any form of purchase.

We are reducing listings to four main categories that users might be interested in. Namely, Hypebeast items like sneakers and apparel, trading cards, general collectibles, and possibly limited-edition books. This would curate an experience where users can look for things that interest them and avoid other non-relevant listings.

Ghost Reporter: What about digital goods like NFTs from other collections?

3Ps: Although the bespoke subnet system we're building will lower gas fees close to zero, it won’t apply to NFT transactions because they occur on the Ethereum Mainnet. Users won’t be able to benefit from the gas savings. We are keeping a view on this, but for now, our focus is on physical items.

Ghost Reporter: We've partnered with projects like Neo Tokyo, Kaiju Kingz, etc. How would they be onboarded into PxN's ecosystem, and what is their value proposition?

3Ps: The value of our platform gets stronger with every new community onboarded. With more users in the ecosystem, there will be more transactions, and we can further improve with community feedback. For holders of partner NFT communities, we have yet to determine if they will be on a subscription model. This discussion is still ongoing.

Ghost Reporter: Hope to get more alpha on that soon. Why should someone consider getting a Ghost NFT? Are there plans for non-Ghost holders to be able to access the platform? How would the user experience vary?

3Ps: Non-Ghost holders currently have no access to the beta platform. It is only open to Nanopass and Ghost holders. In the future, non-token gated features will be available to the public to experience the platform. Users can acquire a Ghost if they want to utilize features accessible only to Ghost NFTs. Ghost holders and partner communities would enjoy more perks.

Only Ghosts can generate $PXN tokens, our ecosystem’s currency. $PXN tokens are required to use various features on the platform, providing an incentive for someone to consider owning a Ghost.

Ghost Reporter: Amazing insight into what you guys are building behind the scenes. Any last words before we conclude this interview?

3Ps: Our priority is to get the Greymarket up and running with an emphasis on a good user experience. NFTs will evolve over time. Instead of being just a PFP, they will also serve as a gateway to technology that provides different experiences. NFTs will be tied to novel use cases and access to new applications built on blockchain technology.

For now, we feel people are still skeptical about the legitimacy of web3, so there’s room for us to grow, taking on a first mover advantage. This is where PxN comes in to challenge the status quo, as we share the vision of being pioneers that will revolutionize the web3 space.

We are here to overcome web2 issues with a web3 solution. Builders who would be steadfast in this space for years to come are the ones who develop products with actual use cases.

Ghost Reporter: Thank you for the detailed sharing. It's been a pleasure to have this interview with the team!

3Ps: Thank you for having us! We hope to share more insights on what we are building soon. Until then, take care!

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